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You've reached the website of Jane Day and her Baby Days service for mothers and babies.

To assist you find your way around the website, allow me to outline the information that's available on each page.

About Jane Day

To find out more about me, my qualifications and my ideas on how best to help mothers and babies.

Antenatal Classes

Mothers/fathers-to-be need sound advice on how best to prepare for the big event. My Antenatal Classes are a well-proven and enjoyable way of doing this. In addition, there are options to suit the individual's needs.

Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a very pleasant way to strengthen the mother/baby bond and, generally, leads to healthier, happier babies and parents.

Treatments & Support

A full range of complementary treatments are offered to help during both pregnancy and the postnatal period.


See what others have said about my classes and services.


From here you can find out about associated services that are offered by other providers.


From this page you can contact me directly via email and send me your specific questions or comments. Of course, I am always available via telephone. Also, to help you find us, there is a link to the local Google map.